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Client Testimonials

“My experience with Anacapa Insurance Services and personally with Timothy Smith was very good. He is very professional. Given the budget for the product (whether it is life insurance, disability insurance or any other insurance policy) he was able to quickly find the right product and the right company for me. As a result, I purchased several insurance products through Anacapa Insurance Services and now I am recommending it to my friends. In the future (for example, for my consulting company), I will be again using Anacapa Insurance Services.”
-E. Alber Walnut Grove, California

“Tim answered my questions in a “language” I could understand; responded to my phone calls promptly; displayed a sense of humor; and, he found the right company for my needs and budget. It was a pleasure doing business with Tim.”
– Caroline Pierce

“I have been very satisfied with the services rendered to me by Mr. Timothy Smith and the associates of The Anacapa Insurance Company. I had held a life insurance policy with a different life insurance company for a number of years and, after reviewing the policy, decided that it would not provide my family with the financial security I had expected. I contacted Mr. Smith, initially via computer, for information regarding what choices of life insurance policies were available to me. I received a full medical exam and blood work from a qualified, licensed associate, personal and written communication from Mr. Smith. My wife and I were then given time to fully consider all the options available. Several times, I spoke with Mr. Smith with questions regarding those options and was given clear answers in a very timely manner. I am very happy that I chose to change my life insurance policy and especially satisfied with the service and straightforward facts I received from Mr. Smith.”
-Leonard G. Smith